Financial Services Membership

The Financial Services Membership is built for financial firms and professionals focused on the foodservice industry. Members of this program get access to ongoing coverage of the foodservice industry in the United States, through our online platform Ignite.

Financial professionals will have access to exportable and filterable restaurant industry data to monitor economic disruptors and other top areas of interest. Raw data is exportable into an Excel file and can be filtered by sales, segment, subsegment, brand, market area and daypart to identify growth concepts. Receive historical data and five-year forecasts to keep an eye on the industry and understand overarching trends.

This program is a combination of two of our top subscriptions: Ignite Company and Ignite Distributor.

Program Components

Ignite Company Restaurants
Get real-time data visualization to explain and predict foodservice industry performance. Access 1,500+ searchable chain profiles, including rankings, sales and unit count regarding the top restaurant chains, along with the annual Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report, sharing the ranking, analysis and overview of restaurant chains by U.S. sales volume. Receive the Industry Sizing and Forecast Report biannually, showcasing current and forecasted market-sizing resources, along with monthly same-store sales data.

Ignite Company Distributor
Access 500 distributor profiles, including rankings and facts regarding the top foodservice distributors and market, as well as the annual Power 50 US. Broadline Distributor Report, rounding up the top 50 distributors with an in-depth analysis from our industry experts. You’ll also receive the monthly Distributor Intelligence Report, sharing targeted research and analysis of critical industry issues impacting distributors, as well as access to ongoing webinars and reports throughout the year.

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