Planning & Insights Programs

Ramp up your strategic planning with our Planning & Insights programs, packed with must-have information about distributors, foodservice industry updates, and long-term forecasts.

Planning and Insights Programs

Technomic's membership-based program for foodservice suppliers seeking actionable data.

Technomic's membership-based program for Canadian suppliers, delivering actionable data on current topics.

An exclusive membership for chain operators, manufacturers, distributors and industry allies providing access to key insights, strategies and trends that exist around the globe.

Technomic’s membership-based suite of foodservice intelligence tools designed to provide a full understanding of the foodservice market along with the best ways to reach the most qualified restaurant operator audience for technology suppliers.

Adult Beverage Suppliers come together to receive industry updates and discuss current topics.

Use the combined power of Technomic and CSP to drive business with industry perspectives.

Face rapidly evolving consumer behaviors and drive business with key retail insights and perspectives.

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Other Studies, Research and Reports

Multi Client Studies

Value-priced research using pooled resources of industry peers, including proprietary research elements.

Consumer Trend Reports

Comprehensive consumer trend data from the United States and Canada.


Plan for the future using Technomic’s multi-decade archival data and government economic figures.

Industry Reports

Reports outlining industry performance by segment and menu category.

Consumer Research

Custom consumer research designed to guide new product development, sales strategy, brand strategy and more.

Strategic Research

Individualized research focusing on opportunity assessments, brand equity evaluations, acquisition analyses and more.

Trade Research

Understand Channel dynamics using insights from operators, distributors and manufacturers.


The Volumix database tracks operator purchase data from over 28,000 independent restaurants and small chains.

Pricing Practice

Our PriceMonitor pricing data helps your operation maximize profits.