Catering Insights Program

Technomic’s exclusive Catering Insights Program provides powerful insights for tapping into B2B, consumer catering dynamics and actionable strategies for this substantial revenue opportunity. The program is designed to keep your team up-to-date on evolving preferences, competitive offerings and new opportunities to grow catering sales.


Program Highlights

Quantitative Study
All program members receive an annual survey of decision makers for business and social catering occasions, highlighting B2B and B2C off-premise catering purchase decisions, usage and preferences. Segments of the restaurant and retail industries covered include:

  • Quick-service restaurants – total
  • Fast-casual restaurants
  • Full-service restaurants
  • On-site cafeterias
  • Independent caterers
  • Supermarkets
  • Warehouse clubs
  • Other retailers (i.e., Honeybaked Ham, etc.)

Focus Groups
Two waves of focus groups are conducted each year with key catering audiences: office/business catering decision makers, sales representatives and consumers. Program members can attend or view remotely via live streaming.

Catering Competitive Monitor
Gain competitive intel into the activities of top limited-service and full-service chains that offer catering. Insights include updates on recent catering activities, including promotions, incentive programs and program changes or announcements.

Get a cross-channel view of catering.
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