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June Member Meeting
June 15-17, 2020
InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile

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January 2020 Studies

What's Driving Performance at Independent Restaurants
Independent restaurants can be a source of inspiration and a reflection of national, regional and local trends. This study will uncover what you need to know to effectively target this critically important sector of the foodservice industry. It will reveal segment performance among independents by operator type and uncover challenges, path to purchase, sourcing trends, the importance of brands, and future initiatives and opportunities.

Capitalizing on the Consumer Path to Purchase
Today’s foodservice consumer sometimes appears as a paradox. They seem at once both more accessible and more elusive than ever. The same social media platforms that enable direct engagement with customers also takes control over brand engagement away from the brand and delivers it firmly into the hands of the user. In this increasingly fragmented foodservice landscape, delivering a seamless and intuitive online and in-store guest experience becomes paramount to customer retention. Technomic draws on its wealth of consumer data to trace how brands can design a cohesive customer journey by attending to how consumers make dining decisions and the changing role of foodservice in the everyday lives of consumers.

Distribution Beyond Broadliners
Broadline distribution continues to receive the lion’s share of time and resources from foodservice suppliers and, perhaps, rightfully so. This channel of distribution is substantial in size and influential in steering the industry. But it is the nonbroadline business that accounts for over half of all distributor sales. Foodservice suppliers have a significant opportunity in partnering with these other distributors, including specialists, systems distributors, cash-and-carries and emerging e-sourcing organizations. This study will examine how this sometimes overlooked group of distributors is going to market today and how strategic plans are likely to impact their future. Technomic will also discuss factors that should impact a supplier’s decision on whether or not (and how) to partner with these companies.

June 2019 Studies

The Role of LTOs in Operator Menu Strategy
Understand how restaurant operators leverage limited-time offers in their menu strategies, as well as how they leverage consumer insights to drive innovation. This study will cover menu innovations, promotions and what drives consumer to purchase limited-time offers.

The Transforming Distribution Landscape Over the Next 5 Years
The foodservice distribution industry faces a sea of change centered around both macro and foodservice industry dynamics. From a macro perspective, driver shortages, new regulations and technology enablement provide new challenges. Within foodservice, new competitor types, including third party e-commerce sites, increased group purchasing, shifts toward more difficult-to-handle products such as perishables and more overall intense customer demands, result in distributors rethinking their entire business models. This study will look at how the foodservice distribution industry is expected to evolve over the next five years from sourcing, go-to-market, customer targeting and position standpoints. All of these will be examined under the lens of how this impacts the supplier community, and recommendations will be provided on how suppliers can leverage opportunities and overcome threats. Technomic will also provide its forecasts for the distribution sectors over the next five years.

Generation Z: How the “We” Generation Will Force the Foodservice Industry to Evolve
According to Technomic’s recent 2018 Generational Consumer Trend Report, the members of Generation Z will rely on foodservice more than previous generations. These digital natives are constantly connected to a world without physical borders, leading to a savvy generation of consumers who expect transparency, value diversity and focus on the collective good. In this study, Technomic will explore what matters to this generation and how it will impact the future of the foodservice industry, from expectations for service formats and menus to labor, brands and beyond.

“We have found the Foodservice Planning Program studies and meetings to be insightful, and well worth our time spent at the event.”
-Sandy Goldberg, Vice President Business Development, Saputo Cheese USA Inc.

Past Events

January Member Meeting
January 7-9, 2020
Hyatt Recency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch


June Member Meeting
June 17-18, 2019
Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel

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