Foodservice Technology Program

The integration of technology into restaurants has been significant over the past few years and will continue to evolve as new suppliers and innovations enter the marketplace. Remain on the forefront of operator technology needs and consumer demands with our Foodservice Technology Membership.

The program offers ongoing access to valuable research and our team of experts to help you navigate technology in the foodservice industry.

What's included?
Arm your team with ready-to-use content and expertise from the foodservice industry’s leading research firm to understand operator priorities, explore consumer demands, guide account prioritization and bolster your selling story in the foodservice space.

State of Technology Annual Report
Receive data and insights on current technology usage, technology types in place, use of proprietary vs. supplier systems, preferred features of systems used and reasons for developing proprietary systems. You will also receive insights into the technology decision-making processes, challenges to adopting new technology, future plans and priorities for implementing new technology, key factors behind technology purchases and consumer insights.

Leverage the report to remain ahead of consumer demands, usage and preferences for technology, identify opportunities for innovation via operator input on unmet needs in the marketplace and gain competitive insights on operator satisfaction levels with current providers on key attributes.

Ignite Company Access
Receive ongoing access to 1,500 chain restaurant profiles, including sales performance, industry metrics, key trend data and growth forecasts, with the interactive Ignite Company tool. You will also receive POS and online-ordering provider data for the Top 500 restaurant chains. Leverage company profiles and key headquarter contacts for account prioritization and sales strategy.

Trending Topic Content
Receive ongoing insights with periodic whitepapers, webinars and intel on trending technology topics, including snapshots into various types of technology, case studies on technology’s impact and technology investment details. Share intel with key accounts to support operators and build connections.

Use this program to:

  • Identify operator priorities, areas of investment and internal decision-making processes for technology usage
  • Target key accounts with supportive content and lead generation tools
  • Guide decision-making with a complete picture of technology in foodservice
  • Highlight the value consumers place on technology to strengthen support materials and presentations
  • Demonstrate thought leadership on the importance of technology to the foodservice industry with data and insights from the foodservice industry’s most-respected research firm

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