Global Foodservice Navigator Program

Technomic’s Global Foodservice Navigator Program provides members with robust global coverage of ongoing consumer, menu and leading operator performance. The membership provides all the tools and expert guidance you need to stay ahead of international foodservice trends, understand emerging opportunities and drive strategic business growth. Reach out to join today »

What is included?

Program reports and materials are available on an ongoing basis through Technomic’s searchable online platform, Ignite.

Consumer Trends
Gain insights into global consumer trends, including behaviors, usage, visit drivers and attitudes. Compare consumer insights by country.

Menu Trends
Receive menu trends and insights into innovation from global, regional and local brands. Explore on-the-menu examples by segment and mealpart from leading chains and emerging brands. In addition, receive each country’s most notable monthly limited-time offers (LTOs) from more than 800 chains tracked each month. Explore a comprehensive assessment of menu categories with Global Menu Category Reports.

Market Sizing
Obtain total restaurant and bar sales by country with growth forecasts.

Economic Update
Stay up to date on global economic indicators, including growth, price indices, exchange rates and labor trends.

Country Reports
Access more than 20 up-to-date country reports containing insights into each country’s total foodservice sales and locations, as well as a ranking of the top 25 chains and their growth. Reports also include menu innovation, LTOs, consumer insights and noteworthy news by country. Learn more.

Global Chain & Operator Performance
Receive insights into the performance of the top global chains and their lead markets with the Global 150 Chain Restaurant Report. Findings include operator performance summaries by segment and menu.

300+ International Chain Profiles
Receive the global chain database, providing comprehensive unit data across 25 countries sortable by brand, segment and menu category.

Case Study
Download our case study, Global Intel, Global Growth to see how a limited-service restaurant operator successfully expanded into a new market.
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25 Countries

25 Countries

Countries CoveredArgentina Australia
Brazil Canada Chile
China Colombia
France Germany India
Indonesia Japan
Mexico Philippines
Russia Saudi Arabia
Singapore South Africa South Korea
Spain Thailand
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

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