Menu Navigator Program

Menu management and innovation are vital strategic initiatives for any restaurant operator or food and beverage manufacturer. Technomic’s Menu Navigator Program is designed to provide an end-to-end view of the state of menus in the restaurant industry as well as access to our team of menu strategy experts

Who benefits?

Food and beverage manufacturers

  • Glean data and insights to provoke flavor and ingredient innovation
  • Provide guidance and recommendations to operator partners
  • Gain insights to help get your brand on key national accounts’ menus
  • Understand menu trends related to your product category
  • Predict the menu penetration of your product category over the next two years
  • Restaurant operators
  • Receive support from concept ideation to menu launch
  • Perform competitive analyses and opportunity assessments
  • Explore historical and predictive menu trends
  • Test menu concepts for consumer appeal
  • Launch limited-time offers and new items
  • Measure potential cannibalization of other menu items
  • Learn more about the Menu Navigator Program
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    Questions you can answer

    What is the current state of menus at restaurants? Is there an optimal menu size, daypart mix or use of trending flavors and ingredients?

    Which flavors and ingredients are most likely to drive purchase intent and repeat trial of new items or LTOs?

    What are the historical menu item penetration trends pertaining to specific menu categories, flavors or ingredients?

    Which flavors and ingredients are projected to grow the most in the next two years?

    If I choose to launch a new menu or product concept, will there be cannibalization of sales for my existing items?

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