Supermarket Foodservice Program

The Supermarket Foodservice Program offers foodservice operators and suppliers the insights and perspectives needed to drive business forward in a dynamic, fast-paced atmosphere. Using syndicated and custom research, Technomic provides vital industry facts, consumer preferences and purchasing behavior, and menu insights designed to help strategic planning for current and future initiatives.

How does Technomic define supermarket foodservice?
The supermarket foodservice category includes sales of fully prepared food and beverage products usually for immediate consumption, sold through in-store supermarket delis and food bars, and from restaurants located within supermarkets that are operated by the retailer.

Membership Benefits

Get up to speed on key developments and trends via the quarterly Supermarket Foodservice Monitor newsletter.

Get quarterly reporting on consumer attitudes and usage of supermarket foodservice via the Supermarket Foodservice MarketBrief publication.

Attend an annual state of the industry webinar to gain access to our supermarket experts who will identify opportunities and answer pressing questions on competitive and industry trends.

Download whitepapers highlighting one of 50 attributes tracked across more than 20 grocery and retail stores, providing actionable insights for foodservice executives in the supermarket foodservice channel.

Access all these deliverables as well as interactive data dashboards via Technomic’s sleek online interface, Ignite.

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