Chain Restaurant Index

Foodservice industry dynamics are heavily driven by how well the leading chains perform, with total sales for the Top 200 chains representing 52% of total industry sales. To help those allied with the industry have a true grasp on the health of the market, Technomic has launched the Chain Restaurant Index (CRI).

What is the CRI?
Technomic’s Chain Restaurant Index is a longitudinal performance tracker of the Top 200 restaurants in the United States, showcasing sales trends over time and how they indicate overall industry performance.

What’s included?
Total industry performance as well as a breakout of the four major operator segments – quick service, midscale, fast casual and casual/fine dining.

How is it calculated?
We use transaction data from a nationally representative sample of more than 3 million consumers representing nearly 20 million monthly restaurant visits. Proprietary modeling framework is also used based on both publicly available sales data, proprietary sales data and decades of industry expertise.

How often is it updated?
Historical sales and traffic indexing is reported in a time series (YOY) and will be updated monthly.

How do I read the data?
Each data point is indexed to its own segment’s traffic and sales figure from the same time period one year prior. For example, an index of 102.0 for fast casual sales in December 2017 means that sales for fast casual chains within the Top 200 chains overall were 2% higher in December 2017 than in December 2016. An index value below 100, such as 95.0, means that sales were down 5% for that reporting period as compared to the same time period one year prior.


Casual & Fine Dining


Fast Casual




Quick Service

Updated: March 1, 2019
Sales Performance

Casual & Fine Dining


Fast Casual




Quick Service

Updated: March 1, 2019


Monitor U.S. industry performance.
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