Navigating the New Off-Premise World

The off-premise world has been dramatically challenged due to the coronavirus pandemic. Explore changing consumer need states, operator innovations and market dynamics going forward.

Navigating the New Off-Premise World

The coronavirus pandemic has put a huge focus on off-premise occasions, an already top-of-mind topic. However, consumer need states, market dynamics and operator innovations have shifted since the COVID-19 outbreak. Be a part of the research that will explore the impact and opportunities of off-premise during the recovery from the crisis and beyond.

Identify emerging opportunities and challenges in off-premise since the pandemic by sponsoring the Navigating the New Off-Premise World Multi Client Study. Findings from this study will support both operators and suppliers in understanding the current and future dynamics of the off-premise landscape.

Questions you can answer

How will consumer need states, attitudes and usage of restaurant off-premise offerings change at each stage of recovery?

What are the metrics for benchmarking revenue share and cost factors associated with each off-premise format?

How are operators innovating and strategizing for off-premise and what is the outlook for continued use of these efforts?

What shifts can I expect in off-premise’s role and share of total restaurant food and beverage sales moving forward?


Off-Premise Market Study Topics:

  • Share of off-premise format (takeout, drive-thru and delivery) during each stage of recovery
  • Expenditure comparisons
  • Market segmentations

Consumer Study Topics:

  • Current consumer usage and need states for each off-premise format
  • Impact of dine-in reopenings on off-premise
  • Off-premise packaging preferences
  • Preferred brands
  • Growth in digital ordering and contactless payment

Operator Study Topics

  • Off-premise formats offered by operators
  • Programs that drive the most off-premise revenue
  • The impact of subsidized delivery fees
  • Quality control, packaging, production and food safety/sanitation concerns
  • Supplier support for off-premise that operators find the most helpful

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