IFDA, Technomic & FSMA launch groundbreaking online foodservice training

CHICAGO, July 14 2015—Technomic experts, working in collaboration with the International Foodservice Distribution Association (IFDA) and the Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association (FSMA), have introduced "Foodservice Essentials: Industry Knowledge Made Easy," a comprehensive training program designed to let industry professionals train at their own pace using interactive online learning tools.

Foodservice Essentials was created with distributor, manufacturer and sales agencies in mind and provides valuable professional development for new employees and junior employees, as well as anyone who can benefit from a broader world view of the industry.

The groundbreaking program compiles 12 learning modules covering a comprehensive range of foodservice information from the manufacturing, distribution, sales agency and operator segments. Training includes competency testing at the end of each module and at the end of the course. Total training time takes approximately 10-12 hours and is self-paced, and management can track employee participation and performance.

The curriculum includes:

  • Industry Structure: Manufacturers, Agencies, Distributors, Operators (3 modules)
  • Functional Roles & Purpose
  • Process Flow & Buying Practices (2 modules)
  • Trading Partner Relationships (2 modules)
  • Operator Segment Realities
  • Business Economics
  • Menu & Culinary Trends
  • Consumer Demands & Drivers

"We see this training as a major benefit to professionals, to companies and to the industry at large. No single part of our industry functions in a vacuum. Foodservice Essentials will illustrate industry dynamics and how trading partners can work more closely and intelligently to understand customer needs and improve performance. We have made the curriculum engaging and interactive, which should greatly enhance the learning experience," says Bob Goldin, executive vice president at Technomic Inc.

Each module takes an in-depth look at how different parts of the foodservice industry function—and function together. For instance, the "Industry Structure: Manufacturers & Distributors" module examines the manufacturer's role in the industry, the different types of manufacturers, how foodservice sales agencies work with manufacturers, and the roles that different types of distributors have in foodservice. The modules will help people see the connections between specific areas of the foodservice business, such as how menu trends affect distributor sales representatives' day-to-day activities.

"Our goal is to help industry newcomers and less tenured staff get grounded quickly on the intricacies of the business that can otherwise take years to learn," says Mark Allen, president and CEO of IFDA. "We are working in a fast-paced, quickly evolving business. Foodservice Essentials fills a major void in the market. This core knowledge and industry insights will help industry professionals understand the rapidly evolving foodservice marketplace."

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