New away-from-home beverage program provides ongoing category intelligence to manufacturers

Technomic unveils a new deliverable model to help industry professionals stay up to date on crucial business metrics

CHICAGO, Oct. 3, 2018: Technomic’s biennial Away-from-Home Beverage Marketplace Multi Client Study now offers ongoing critical beverage insights to participating manufacturers over the course of a 24-month subscription cycle. The study, launching this November, is the most comprehensive and reliable source of industry intelligence, covering categories ranging from hot tea, coffee and cocoa to carbonated soft drinks, juices, lemonades and nitro brew.

Learn more about this study and sponsorship opportunities at https://www.technomic.com/available-studies/multi-client-studies/away-from-home-beverage.

“Technomic has been tracking the beverage industry for decades, so we’re excited to provide our clients with a new way to interact with the volumetric data,” said David Henkes, senior principal. “With the new ongoing deliverable model, sponsors can strategically assess their business in real time versus leveraging the point-in-time study.”

Program benefits include:

  • Determine by how much the industry has grown from $34 billion, which was the 2016 market size measured in manufacturer shipments.
  • Leverage insights from consumer and operator interviews to understand unmet needs and key drivers.
  • Receive category and innovation spotlights to help ideate around new products.
  • Gain access to all beverage volumetrics via an online, interactive dashboard, allowing sponsors to manipulate the data to suit their needs.
  • Schedule on-site work sessions and webinars with the study author to glean recommendations and other tailored insights.

Technomic has published biennial updates to the Away-from-Home Beverage Marketplace Multi Client Study since 2005. The volumetric study is available for sponsorship now and is expected to be published in March 2019. Clients who choose to join the full program will receive ongoing deliverables through September 2020. For more details on this study or any of our other upcoming or completed foodservice industry studies, contact one of the individuals below.

Press inquiries: David Henkes, (312) 506-3927, dhenkes@technomic.com
Purchasing details: Patrick Noone, (312) 506-3852, or pnoone@technomic.com

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