Non-dairy creamers stir up manufacturer sales

Technomic’s Volumix captures operator purchase data for 100+ categories, including beverage creamers

CHICAGO, Mar. 9, 2017—As more operators look for ways to address their guests’ dietary needs, manufacturers are seeing a growing demand for dairy-free creamers made with soy, almond or rice milk. In fact, manufacturer sales of plant-based alternative creamers grew 14.2% year over year, according to data from Technomic’s latest Volumix Beverage Creamer Report, while total volume increased 13.0%. This is in contrast to the decline in total sales and nearly flat total volume growth for dairy-based creamers.

This information, as well as the wealth of other valuable data points featured in the Volumix Beverage Creamer Report, can give suppliers visibility into what brands and products operators are purchasing and for what price, also showcasing new product entrants giving perspective on trends evolving in the category.

Valuable takeaways from the Volumix Beverage Creamer Report include:

  • Total volume of the beverage creamer category increased 3.7% over the prior year
  • Total sales of this category are up 1.8% year over year
  • The average case price of beverage creamers grew 1.4% over the prior year

Volumix generates SKU-level data from over 28,000 independents and small chains operators, serving as an effective tool for suppliers to better understand the competitive environment. To view sample data, or to learn more about this resource, please visit Technomic.com or contact the individuals listed below. For Technomic updates, please follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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