Technomic and Shortest Track partner to share the top five markets most disrupted by COVID-19 this week

Technomic and Shortest Track collaborated on an enhancement to Technomic’s Ignite platform, offering market-level COVID-19 disruption indexes on a weekly cadence. Explore the top five most disrupted markets this week.

CHICAGO, Aug. 18, 2020—The impact of COVID-19 on the foodservice industry continues to be catastrophic. In an effort to monitor the effects of the pandemic and share key findings with foodservice industry players, Technomic and Shortest Track have teamed up to bring up-to-date insights to members of Technomic’s Ignite Company platform by way of the COVID-19 Disruption Risk Index. This feature zooms into a single market to understand the impact taking place based on a host of local factors.

“The effects of the pandemic vary by market, which is hugely important to differentiate,” states Eric Hillerbrand, CEO of Shortest Track. “We are in a new world and it requires new types of analytics. We developed the COVID-19 Disruption Risk Index using artificial intelligence to calculate and predict factors affecting business disruption at a specific location. Our Index uses 20 different data signals that all affect length of disruption, likelihood of future breakout and the stability of the community in which businesses are operating. The tool drills down to the ZIP code level, based on risk factors such as county-level infection rates, state-level restrictions, population densities, health and disease risks, and lifestyle factors contributing to the spread.”

To get a preview of this feature, here are this week’s five most disrupted markets:

  • Houma, La.
  • Lafayette, La.
  • Tampa, Fla.
  • Panama City, Fla.
  • Houston, Texas

“This partnership will help us deliver breakthrough, hyper-local insights to our clients,” explains Bernadette Noone, Vice President of Programs at Technomic. “As the market continuously shifts, real-time, market-specific data is vital for restaurant operators and suppliers to develop a smarter business response to changing pandemic conditions. This tool will help them do that.”

This enhancement is now live within Technomic’s Ignite Company platform. To learn more about the dashboard and this new feature, reach out to the contacts below or visit

Technomic contact: Bernadette Noone, (312) 506-3853,
Shortest Track contact: Eric Hillerbrand, (888) 276-0350,

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