C-Store Foodservice

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, c-store foodservice must remain competitive by continuously evolving with consumers’ shifting preferences and priorities as well as the need for enhanced on-the-go options.

Purchase Technomic’s Canadian C-Store Foodservice Consumer Trend Report to uncover food and beverage preferences, segment performance and opportunities for growth. Whether through menu innovation, consumer targeting or keen business maneuvering, this report can help boost your business’ performance.

Report Benefits

  • Understand how COVID-19 has impacted overall patronage as well as foodservice occasions at convenience stores
  • Explore shifting priorities in terms of consumers’ purchasing decisions and attitudes
  • Fuel menu development by analyzing consumer preferences and attitudes
  • Identify what is next for c-store foodservice

Report Features

Each report comes in PowerPoint format and is accessible on our online Ignite platform. Along with the report, you will receive a one-pager of key themes and trends, the consumer survey and full data set, which is broken out by age, gender, region, income and more.

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