Pizza remains one of the most popular and craveable foods in the foodservice landscape, especially when it comes to takeout and delivery, as well as shared meals for large groups. To stand out in the increasingly crowded category, effective branding that allows concepts to be set apart from the others will be key. Stay up to date on consumer demands and areas of opportunity in the pizza space with Technomic’s Canadian Pizza Consumer Trend Report.

Report Benefits

  • Learn how often consumers eat pizza at home and at foodservice
  • Examine consumption drivers to understand why consumers order pizza and what attributes they prioritize
  • Fuel menu development by analyzing menu trends alongside consumer preferences
  • Track chain performance and see how leading brands perform on a variety of attributes
  • Explore attitudes toward timely topics, such as delivery dynamics and technological amenities

Report Features

  • Access to reports on the dynamic online platform, Ignite
  • Analysis based on original research from a proprietary consumer survey
  • PowerPoint report
  • Consumer survey and full dataset, broken out by age, gender, region and income
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