Understanding consumers and how their backgrounds’ shape foodservice behavior is vital for success in reaching them. Explore areas of opportunity to appeal to the growing multicultural consumer base with the Multicultural Consumer Trend Report.

Study findings will include actionable insights to appeal to unique consumer preferences of each group and aid in menu and product development.

Report Benefits:

  • Discover the demographics, lifestyle trends and employment characteristics that shape foodservice behavior
  • Uncover how consumer attitudes toward health, innovation, convenience, technology and more vary both across and within groups
  • Understand in-depth comparisons across groupings and how to effectively appeal to unique preferences of each group

Report Features:

Each report comes in PowerPoint format and is accessible on our online Ignite platform. Along with the report, you will receive a one-pager of key themes and trends, the consumer survey and full data set, which is broken out by age, gender, region, income and more.

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