Seafood & Vegetarian

Consumers’ health perceptions and habits are evolving, shifting consumption of seafood and vegetarian dishes. Despite the pandemic’s effect on these categories, the outlook for seafood and vegetarian dishes is poised for growth.

Technomic’s Center of the Plate: Seafood & Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report uncovers shifts in foodservice consumption, new menu trends and flavor preferences. Study findings will drive menu innovation while satisfying unmet consumer demands.

Report Benefits

  • Understand the impact COVID-19 is having on seafood and vegetarian dish consumption and occasion dynamics
  • Learn how consumer diets are evolving and what that means for seafood and vegetarian dish consumption
  • Fuel menu and product development by identifying consumers’ preferred preparation styles and entrees for both seafood and vegetarian dishes
  • Identify what’s next for seafood and vegetarian dishes

Report Features

Each report comes in PowerPoint format and is accessible on our online Ignite platform. Along with the report, you will receive a one-pager of key themes and trends, the consumer survey and full data set, which is broken out by age, gender, region, income and more.

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