China Country Report

In China, the category in focus is coffee cafe, attracting heavyweight brands from across the globe. Local brands are also hoping to capture a piece of this historically tea-drinking market. On the other end of the spectrum, competition is being heightened by smaller third-wave concepts popping up in metro areas. See how specific brands are faring and explore all the latest trends and consumer preferences in Technomic’s China Country Report.

What can you do with this report?

  • Understand the current economic status in China with information about gross domestic product, currency trends, population data and market news
  • Examine the current and forecasted menu trends in China to better position your offerings  
  • Analyze the eating habits of consumers in China with information on segment and demographics 
  • Receive profiles on the top global operators with a presence in China as well as leading Chinese operators, including development news, menu information and other insights 
  • Access important foodservice news relevant to China

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