Global Menu Category Reports

Receive comprehensive deep dives into specific menu categories with Global Menu Category Reports. Each report includes key data and insights on operator developments, consumer attitudes and preferences, menu trends, LTO examples, category innovation and profiles of leading chains across the globe. You also receive a data table for each menu category, with consumer data across 25 countries.

2021 Reports Include:

  • Pizza Global Menu Category Report 2021
    • Uncover consumer consumption, likelihood to purchase, health claims and patronage at top chains
    • Gain menu insights on pizza trends, LTO activity and the influence of holidays and seasonality
    • Explore global foodservice sales performance and the impact of COVID-19 on the category
    • Discover operator insights, including top global chains, leading local chains, brands to watch, and key operator and franchisee groups
    • Understand post-pandemic initiatives, including strategy, financial, growth outlook, tech developments and operations
  • Chicken Global Menu Category Report 2021
    • Discover consumer chicken consumption and order frequency
    • Explore chicken entree, preparation and entree sauce preferences
    • Uncover macro restaurant trends impacting the category, as well as limited-time offers
    • Analyze the top global chicken chains and leading local chains
    • Gain insights on operator post-pandemic initiatives and brands to watch
  • Burger Global Menu Category Report—Coming fall 2021
  • Beverage Global Menu Category Report—Coming winter 2021

For ongoing insights on global- and country-level menu, consumer and operator trends, check out the Global Foodservice Navigator Program.

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