Away-From-Home Breakfast

The definition of breakfast has been rethought over the past few years. Once identified simply by the time of day, breakfast is now dictated by the types of food and beverage that are consumed.

Capitalize on emerging opportunities with Technomic’s 2019 Away-from-Home Breakfast Multi Client Study. Findings from this study will provide strategic insights into the evolution of the breakfast daypart, particularly the dramatic changes over the past several years.

Use this study to:

  • Measure the current size of the away-from-home breakfast market by product category and segment.
  • Assess the opportunities and threats in the marketplace through and in-depth examination of current consumer attitudes and behavior.
  • Pinpoint operator practices and needs exist related to the breakfast daypart.
  • Analyze current menu trends and how the role of brands, packaging and innovation will impact breakfast in the future.
  • Understand the size of product categories outside of morning service hours.

Segment Scope

Limited-service restaurants (LSR)
Full-service restaurants (FSR)
Convenience stores
Business & industry
Colleges & universities
Primary/secondary schools

Product Category Scope

Hot beverages (e.g., coffee, tea, cocoa)
Other cold beverages
Pastries/sweet baked goods
Breads/rolls (e.g., bagels)
Breakfast sandwiches and burritos
Egg breakfasts
Breakfast meats
Pancake/waffles/French toast
Hot cereal
Ready-to-eat cereal
Other (e.g., breakfast bars)

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