C-Store Foodservice

Convenience-store foodservice has grown beyond roller grill items and dispensed beverages, with many c-stores enhancing their offerings and elevating execution to satisfy consumers’ quickly evolving demands and preferences. Foodservice suppliers and distributors recognize convenience as an evolving channel and seek to provide products, services and solutions relevant to the unique c-store environment.

Uncover emerging trends and challenges in the complex c-store foodservice segment with the Convenience-Store Foodservice Multi Client Study. Study findings will explore how to enhance offerings and operations to meet consumer and business needs.

Questions you can answer with this study:

  • What is the role of foodservice in driving business in the c-store space?
  • What are c-store consumer foodservice purchase drivers and deterrents, as well as occasion dynamics?
  • How do c-stores drive traffic and sales with foodservice programs?
  • What are emerging preparation and menu trends for c-store operators?
  • What are the leading and fastest-growing food and beverage items on c-store menus?


The scope of the research is limited to proprietary prepared food and beverage programs in convenience stores.

Cold beverages
Carbonated soft drinks
Cold/iced coffee
Cold/iced tea
Isotonic beverages (e.g., Gatorade)
Energy drinks (e.g., Red Bull)

Frozen beverages

Hot beverages
Hot regular coffee
Specialty hot coffee
Hot chocolate or cocoa
Hot tea

Prepared food
Sandwiches, wraps and handhelds
Breakfast items (e.g., sausage biscuit, egg-and-cheese croissant)
Baked goods (e.g., muffins, pastries, doughnuts, cookie)
Fully cooked meats
Sides, appetizers and snacks
Soups and chilis
Frozen or refrigerated desserts (e.g., ice cream and yogurt)
Fruits (fresh or cut)
Other global

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