College & University

In 2019, the college and university (C&U) segment represented almost $8 billion in manufacturer shipments of food and beverage. Since the coronavirus outbreak, new challenges have led to dramatic changes in the C&U foodservice channel.

Technomic’s College and University Multi Client Study will uncover student demands, operator needs and the evolution of the channel. Leverage this study’s expert research and guidance to provide actionable insights and effectively target the segment and drive business growth.

Questions you can answer:

  • How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted student behaviors, attitudes and expectations?
  • What operator critical issues, service model trends and future initiatives exist within the channel?
  • What are consumers’ usage of on-campus versus off-campus options?
  • What is the historical, current and forecasted size of the channel?


Two- and four-year institutions
Public and private
Independent and managed

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