Digital Opportunities

Reaching the right audience can prove to be challenging. In order to effectively target and reach operator audiences, suppliers must ensure they’re employing the proper technology and sending the right message in order to maximize ROI.

Technomic’s Digital Opportunities Multi Client Study is designed to help prioritize spending, create and maintain new digital platforms, and effectively track performance metrics. It also examines technology usage and B2B marketing communications preferences of operator and sales representatives.

Why use this study?

  • Understand how other large manufacturer websites are structured and the sophistication of their online capabilities
  • Explore operator attitudes, usage and perspectives on various outreach techniques
  • Identify key issues and trends in the digital space from interviews with distributor and manufacturer sales representatives
  • Receive an outlook for where the digital space is headed based on current strategies in practice, as well as those that are in development

Platforms Covered

  • Mobile Internet optimization and engagement
  • Socially enabled business processes
  • On-demand online resources and services
  • Search engine optimization and customer targeting
  • Digital marketing performance metrics
  • Online ordering and E-Commerce
  • Customer service and human-computer interaction

Scope of Interviews

Users: Commercial and non-commercial operators who utilize digital resources for sourcing, research, support, and other foodservice considerations

Technology Experts: Individuals employed in domains such as digital marketing, website optimization, e-commerce, social media strategy, content development/management, sales tools, online video, and other digital platforms

Key Intermediaries: Distributor sales representatives, brokers, and manufacturer sales representatives who utilize digital resources to connect with potential and current foodservice customers

Scope of Website Audits

Top 100 Foodservice Manufacturers: These were also assessed in a 2015 study, so we can also conduct comparisons over time to identify new trends and updates

Top 10 Innovative Intermediaries: Websites of distributors, brokers, and trading partners will also be included to better understand how these sites compare to large foodservice manufacturers

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