Dining Out 2025

Over the past decade, a convergence of rapid and significant demographic, social and technological shifts have driven largescale changes in the foodservice landscape. These trends will continue to shape the foodservice landscape, blur the lines between existing segments and spur innovation.

Businesses operating in foodservice will undoubtedly be playing in a new space, and with new rules, by 2025. What is more uncertain is exactly what changes will occur and what they will mean for stakeholders.

The 2017 Dining Out 2025 Multi Client Study will shed light on how foodservice will evolve and help your team navigate future shifts with a focus on five specific pillars: Consumer, experience, channel, menu and operations. Based on these findings, Technomic experts will provide a roadmap to successful evolution, identifying which channels, concept types and food/beverage categories are best poised for growth and likeliest to face headwinds. It will also highlight key challenges for operators and suppliers along with strategies and best practices to minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

Scope of Segments

Limited-service Restaurants
Full-service Restaurants

Retailer Meal Solutions
Meal Kits

Next Level
Based on research findings

Potential Influencer Focus Areas

Restaurant design
Food scientists
Social scientists
Consumer trend experts (outside of foodservice)
Other foodservice industry experts and thought leaders
Emerging/experimental chefs

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