K-12 Multi Client Study

K-12 is an appealing segment for manufacturers seeking top-line growth and a way to reach young consumers. However, in the early part of this decade, nutritional regulations were enacted, making it difficult for suppliers to participate in the segment.

Gain the perspectives necessary to effectively target and win in the K-12 foodservice arena with the K-12 Multi Client Study. Findings from this study will provide insight into the unique and emerging challenges facing the segment and opportunities to help overcome them.

Use this study to

  • Gain insight into how the K-12 foodservice market will evolve over the next five years in order to accurately plan your future initiatives
  • Measure the market value of all food, beverage, equipment, supplies, disposables and chemicals sold into the K-12 segment
  • Understand how federal nutritional guidelines are impacting menuing and purchasing decisions
  • Pinpoint which sustainability product, equipment and supply characteristics are desired and considered in product selection.
  • Determine the role that branding plays in marketing programs to students and parents and whether there are specific opportunities for manufacturers

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