The Marijuana Effect

With nine states now permitting marijuana for recreational consumption, its use to enhance social occasions positions it as a competitor to on-premise visits and adult beverage sales.

To better understand the implications of marijuana and cannabis products for restaurants and bars, Technomic completed The Marijuana Effect Multi Client Study. Findings from this study will shed light on unique challenges and opportunities that exist for the on-premise adult beverage industry.

Use this study to:

  • Examine consumers’ existing attitudes and usage of marijuana and adult beverages.
  • Measure potential changes in current marijuana users’ frequency and occasion dynamics for restaurants and bars.
  • Understand operator perspectives on the potential impact of marijuana legalization on adult beverage programs.
  • Strategize for success in the evolving marketplace by receiving tailored recommendations from our expert analysts.
Technomic Marijuana Effect Multi Client Study Infographic

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On-Premise Segment Scope

Casual-dining restaurants
Fine-dining restaurants
Drinking establishments: Bars, taverns/pubs, sports bars, nightclubs/lounges

Adult Beverage Scope


Cannabis Products Scope

Infused products/edibles


Meet the Multis

The Marijuana Effect—Consumer Implications

In this video, Technomic Principal Donna Hood Crecca covers how marijuana legalization will impact adult beverage usage for consumers.

Meet the Multis

The Marijuana Effect—Operator Implications

In this video, Technomic Principal Donna Hood Crecca covers how marijuana legalization will impact on-premise occasions for operators.

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Measure legalized marijuana’s on-premise impact.
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