Off-Premise 3.0

Over the past few years, the off-premise landscape has undergone a fundamental transformation as consumer expectations for where, when and how they can order food and beverages have changed. This rapid evolution has impacted virtually every aspect of restaurant operations, including labor and production dynamics, menu and pricing strategy, packaging design, marketing approaches and even restaurant design.

As the channel has evolved, the topics into which we explore have expanded as well. Sponsor this year’s Off-Premise 3.0 Multi Client Study to size the market and tap into new trends such as the impact of mobile apps, emerging subscription models, the role of operator and third-party delivery brands and more.

Suppliers can use this study to:

  • Measure how quickly the off-premise market will continue to expand in order to properly plan for the future
  • Gain fresh perspectives on current market dynamics and examine changing need states, attitudes and usage of key off-premise target audiences
  • Determine which items consumers do not order for off-premise that they do order for dine-in occasions and why
  • Discover how operators are addressing quality control, packaging, production, liability and food safety concerns

Scope of Channels

Channel-level focus will include four main areas:

Restaurant delivery
Third-party delivery



Ghost restaurants

Operators can use this study to:

  • Pinpoint best-in-class operator strategies to help cater your marketing approaches and refine your off-premise initiatives
  • Understand the role that your brand plays in ordering decisions and how you can set yourself apart
  • Benchmark incremental revenue gains and cost factors associated with the increases in off-premise dining
  • Identify innovation opportunities with drive-thru and takeout and uncover ways to improve menu development and design on delivery apps
  • Learn how other operators are addressing franchise royalties and marketing fund contributions

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