Off-Premise Packaging

Operators in all industry segments are experiencing escalating demand for off-premise food and beverages as a result of evolving consumer need states and new competition in the form of 3rd-party delivery services. As a result, operators and suppliers seek packaging solutions that maintain product quality, improve portability and ensure that customers’ orders are not at risk for tampering.

To help operators and suppliers better understand and respond to industry demand for more effective off-premise packaging, Technomic published the Off-Premise Packaging: Consumer Preferences and Priorities Multi Client Study. Obtain valuable information and insights designed to help your organization prioritize investments in developing or procuring off-premise packaging solutions.

What can you solve for?

  • How are consumer off-premise occasions evolving and what is the importance of packaging for those occasions?
  • Within which product categories are there opportunities for delivery, drive-thru and takeout (including grab-and-go) packaging improvement?
  • Are there any emerging design elements that can be incorporated into packaging, such as formats, materials and colors?
  • What challenges exist around food safety, temperature maintenance and product quality that can be avoided?

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