Strategic Assessment of GPOs

Group purchasing organizations (GPOs) continue to make a significant impact on the foodservice business system and all its trading partners. Some industry participants see the impact as positive, others less so. Looking ahead to the remainder of 2018 and beyond, the GPO environment will continue to mature and the strategic implications are becoming more significant.

Understand how to navigate the GPO environment with Technomic’s Strategic Assessment of GPOs Multi Client Study. Findings from this study will help manufacturers, distributors and foodservice management firms to get a comprehensive look at the critical trends surrounding GPOs and the operators that participate with them.

Use this study to:

  • Understand the total size of the GPO market in operator purchases, as well as changes in operator usage and penetration of GPOs.
  • Review who the major GPOs are, which are growing the fastest and what is driving their growth.
  • Uncover insights from interviews with operators who use GPOs, as well is manufacturers, distributors and GPOs.
  • Gain a strategic understanding of how other trade partners are navigating the landscape and receive implications for your business.


This study examines only GPOs whose members are foodservice operators.

Groups that serve distributors (such as Unipro)
Chain-specific purchasing arms (such as those of Subway and Burger King)
Purchasing cooperatives administered by governmental entities (such as school districts)

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