Technomic launches Transaction Insights

New sales-performance tracking technology allows restaurant operators, suppliers and equity markets unmatched insights into consumer spending and trends.

CHICAGO, Nov. 13, 2017: Technomic Inc. announced today a brand-new way for restaurants and the greater foodservice industry to understand key business performance metrics across the top 200 restaurant chains. The platform, Transaction Insights, features consumer-level purchase data, delivered monthly, from a longitudinal panel of more than 3 million consumers, representing as many as 18 million foodservice visits a month. Unprecedented transparency allows users to see every competitive brand within the top 200 chains, and proprietary modeling methodology based on Technomic’s deep expertise in the foodservice industry provides unparalleled accuracy.

Transaction Insights is designed for three main user groups: restaurant operators, foodservice suppliers and equity market researchers and analysts.

  • Restaurant operators will have the ability to understand not only their own business trends over time, but also the business trends of other companies in their region or vertical, allowing them to see if their businesses are following a market trend or experiencing a brand-specific event. With a data sample so large, it’s possible to get a statistically significant sample all the way down to the city level, which allows operators to understand market trends within neighborhoods.
  • Suppliers and distributors can use the information to provide appropriate resources, plan delivery routes and help their customers grow regionally and nationally. Again, the large data sample allows suppliers and distributors to make granular logistics decisions at a city level.
  • Equity market researchers and analysts can use the information to enhance their analysis and projections. The depth of the data and quality of the modeling provide extremely reliable information for analysts to build reports and business-performance estimates.

“We are thrilled to bring this level of detailed information to all parties interested in the foodservice industry,” said Shawn Edwards, president of Technomic. “Technomic is committed to providing our clients with data-driven insights that help them make better business decisions. Transaction Insights is on the cutting edge, and provides an unparalleled level of data about the foodservice industry, allowing our clients a competitive advantage in a highly contested market.”

Transaction Insights is available immediately through subscription or ad-hoc reporting for Technomic customers.

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