TIndex (Technomic Index)

TIndex is the Technomic Index on the total U.S. foodservice industry reported monthly.


TIndex resumes rise in April

The April TIndex increased to 110.2, up from 107.6 in March. Although there continues to be softness in full-service restaurants, limited-service restaurants saw a moderate strengthening as did nonrestaurant segments such as lodging, K-12 and hospitals. It should be noted that there were no discernable differences in the data that indicated that the unrest on college and university campuses impacted that segment’s performance in April. 

So far this year, industry performance has been inconsistent as the TIndex alternates from increasing to decreasing monthly. On a year-over-year basis, results indicated that April foodservice sales grew 4.5%. 

About the TIndex: Each index number corresponds to the same month in 2019. Therefore, as an example, the January 2021 index of 82.2 suggests that the industry is 17.8 percentage points smaller than is was in January 2019.

The index is based on a number of datasets available to Technomic including operator transaction, consumer visit tracking and distributor sales information. All data is weighted and evaluated to align with a representation of the total U.S. foodservice industry.

The TIndex is powered in part by Ignite Company, a robust online platform that allows our clients to understand historical foodservice data trends, prioritize accounts, track competitors and more. Learn more about Ignite Company

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