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As of 2022, the business and industry segment represents approximately $7.1 billion in manufacturer shipments of food, beverage and supplies. Uncover opportunities to support operators, satisfy consumer demand and be a part of future segment growth with the Business & Industry Multi Client Study.

This study will explore historical and forecasted growth, operator opportunities and future initiatives, and consumer preferences and purchase drivers.

Questions you can answer:

  1. What is the five-year historical growth and forecasted growth?
  2. What are the critical issues facing operators and operational opportunities for the channel?
  3. What are preferences for and the importance of technology, sustainability, sanitation and social responsibility to consumers?
  4. How will the segment evolve over the next five years, and what impact will it have on product portfolios and services offered?
  5. What gaps exist between operator and consumer perceptions and practices?

Business and industry foodservice operators

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