College & University

Explore a deep dive into evolving student demands and operator practices.

College & University

COVID-19 hit the college and university foodservice channel hard, and operators in this segment are working to recover amid critical industrywide issues of rising costs, supply chain outages, ongoing pandemic safety and labor shortages. Uncover evolving challenges, behaviors and planned initiatives to be effective partners in recovery with the College & University Multi Client Study.

This comprehensive assessment will explore historical and forecasted market sizing, operator perspectives, and consumer behaviors and attitudes.

Questions you can answer with this study:

  1. What is the market value of all food, beverage, equipment, supplies, disposables and chemicals sold into the college and university segment?
  2. What is the role of technology, sustainability, sanitation, brands, healthy eating and special diets in operators’ strategies?
  3. How have student behaviors and attitudes changed over the last few years related to on-campus foodservice?
  4. How will the segment evolve over the next five years and what does the forecasted growth look like?
  5. What gaps exist between operator and student perceptions and practices?

Segment scope

  • Two- and four-year institutions
  • Public and private
  • Independent and managed

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