Convenience-Store Beverage

Assess opportunities and challenges for foodservice beverage in the convenience channel 


Foodservice beverage (dispensed and made-to-order) is a crucial category within convenience stores, driving traffic, sales and profits for operators. Competition for beverage sales has intensified and operating complexity has increased. Operators are now challenged to enhance hot and cold offerings, as well as manage their beverage programs to meet or exceed consumer expectations, while satisfying business objectives. ​

Explore an in-depth assessment of evolving beverage category challenges and opportunities featuring consumer and operator perspectives, as well as new market dynamics, with the Convenience-Store Beverage Multi Client Study. Leverage study findings and expert guidance to support your team’s short- and long-term growth in the category.

Questions you can answer with this study:

  1. What is the size of the c-store foodservice business, as well as the historical and projected growth across categories?
  2. What are c-stores’ current beverage offerings, including planned changes?
  3. What are strategies and tactics to increase beverage sales and profits?
  4. What are c-store consumer beverage purchase dynamics? What drives and deters beverage purchases?
  5. What are c-store beverage consumer preferences for format, packaging and equipment?


Regular hot coffee
Specialty hot coffee
Regular hot tea
Specialty hot tea
Hot chocolate/cocoa

Carbonated soft drinks
Cold coffee (e.g., iced, cold brew, etc.)
Iced tea
Energy drinks
Juice/juice beverages
Isotonic/sports drinks
Other cold beverages (e.g., agues frescas, horchata, etc.)

Frozen carbonated beverages
Frozen uncarbonated beverages

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