Convenience-Store Program

Technomic's C-Store Foodservice Membership allows you to drive business with insights from c-store operators and consumers.

Convenience-Store Program

Technomic’s Convenience-Store Membership is a comprehensive program utilizing leading c-store consumer reporting and brand tracking to allow members to remain on the forefront of the c-store industry. The membership provides ongoing tools and expert guidance to support strategic growth within the c-store segment.

What’s included?

Convenience Company Profiles

Receive ongoing access to hundreds of exportable c-store chain profiles, including sales performance, unit count, concept positioning and pertinent news, with the interactive Ignite Company tool.

Consumer Foodservice Occasion Tracking

Explore the attributes consumers care about across more than 20,000 foodservice visits to top c-store chains with access to Ignite Consumer, a platform powered by consumer ratings, occasion metrics and demographics.

Ongoing Reports

Remain on top of industry news, consumer insights, brand tracking, menu trends and operator perspectives with easy-to-digest, frequent reports and webinars from industry experts.

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