E-Sourcing Impact

Uncover the evolution of operator purchasing behavior and the opportunities and threats these channels pose to the foodservice market.


As operator purchasing behavior shifts in response to COVID-19, third-party, e-commerce sources such as Webstaurantstore.com and Amazon continue to penetrate the foodservice sourcing landscape.

Uncover the evolution of operator purchasing behaviors in both the short and long term with Technomic’s E-Sourcing Impact Multi Client Study. Leverage this study’s findings and expert guidance to define new areas for business growth among shifting operator attitudes and behaviors regarding e-commerce sources.

Questions you can answer:

  • What is the current and forecasted size of the third-party market at both the category and segment level?
  • What are the sources used for product purchases and frequency of purchases placed through third-party, e-commerce sources?
  • What are operator attitudes and practices in regards to purchasing through third-party, e-commerce sources?
  • How do distributors view third-party, ecommerce sources and the threats these competitors pose?


Restaurants (independent/small chains)
Other commercial (independent/small chains, recreation, lodging, c-stores)
Noncommercial (non-FSM)

Category Scope

Disposable packaging
Dry goods (e.g., fats, seasonings, flour, salt, etc.)
Equipment (tabletop)
Fresh meats/seafood
Fresh produce
Frozen meats/seafood
Frozen prepared foods (e.g., entrees, sides, sauces, produce, soups, etc.)
Frozen produce
Imported/specialty foods
Shelf-stable/canned prepared foods and supplies

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