The Future of Off-Premise

Define the role of off-premise in a post-pandemic context.


In the early stages of the pandemic, off-premise sales soared. Define the role of off-premise in a post-pandemic context with The Future of Off-Premise Multi Client Study.  

Study findings uncover how much has changed since that time from consumer, operator and third-party aggregator perspectives.

Questions you can answer with this study:

  1. What are consumer perspectives on off-premise pricing, delivery fees and service charges for delivery in the future?
  2. How have dining habits shifted since the start of the pandemic? How has inflation and consumer sentiment impacted related spending?
  3. What changes have been made to the consumer ordering and payment processes? Are further changes expected?
  4. How have operator strategies shifted since the maturation of the pandemic across off-premise channels?
  5. What is the share of each off-premise format? Will this continue to shift over the next five years?

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