Global Menu Category Reports

Explore comprehensive deep dives into menu categories across 25 countries with Global Menu Category Reports. Each report includes actionable data and insights on operator developments, consumer perspectives, menu trends and category outlook as well as a data table for each menu category.

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Reports cover:

  • Consumer consumption, preferences and patronage  
  • Global and leading local chains, brands to watch, key operator and franchise groups, and post-pandemic operator initiatives  
  • Macro restaurant trends, limited-time offer activity, and seasonal and holiday menu trends 
  • Category sales and sizing, COVID-19’s impact and category outlook 

2022 Reports

Pasta Global Menu Category Report 

Explore new opportunities for menu innovation in pasta dishes. 

Breakfast Global Menu Category Report 

Define new areas for growth in the breakfast daypart. 

Dessert Global Menu Category Report 

Satisfy evolving consumer demands and drive revenue with dessert.  

Sandwich Global Menu Category Report 

Uncover revenue-generating menu ideas with sandwiches. 

2021 Reports

Pizza Global Menu Category Report 

Drive menu innovation aligned with consumer preferences for pizza. 

Chicken Global Menu Category Report 

Understand consumer, operator and menu trends with chicken.  

Burger Global Menu Category Report 

Discover category opportunities and outlook with burgers.  

Beverage Global Menu Category Report 

Identify areas for innovation and growth with beverages. 

For access to four annual Global Menu Category Reports, along with global- and country-level menu,  consumer and operator insights, check out the Global Foodservice Navigator Program

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