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Explore consumer demographics, preferences and behaviors to understand occasion drivers and how brands perform on key attributes.

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Ignite Consumer is the leading resource for how consumers interact with foodservice

Monitor guest acquisition and conversion efforts
View what motivates guests with 100+ attributes and occasion metrics
Understand guest demographics, behavior and order journeys
Create customized views to benchmark brand and consumer ratings
Access hundreds of ready-to-go reports

Discover who’s ordering menu items and how that differs at the brand level

Ignite Consumer’s order insights data provides consumer-reported ordering behavior so you can see how items ordered vary by demographic, brand and more. See what’s being ordered at the operator level, as well as the impact on median spend and pairings, to identify competitive menu gaps and differentiators.

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Understand a consumer’s path to purchase and recreate their order journey

Order journeys from Ignite Consumer allows you to understand what motivates a dining occasion, what ordering actions were taken and how the consumer felt about it. Dive into decision-making touch points, such as daypart, need state, ordering channel and more, to find new angles for influencing consumer decisions.

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Monitor the attributes that matter most to consumers and see how brands perform against them

Ignite Consumer allows you to understand what attributes matter most to consumers and how they rate brands compared to custom competitive operator sets. Drill into guest demographics and occasion dynamics to identify opportunities and gaps across attribute ratings and more. 

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Explore the latest Canadian consumer trends

Access data from thousands of Canadian restaurant guest occasions measured across 100-plus attribute and visit occasion metrics. Explore consumer demographics, preferences and behaviours to understand occasion drivers and Canadian brand performance.

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