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Explore flavor, ingredient and menu trends nationally or by market and guide your ideation with predictive analytics.

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Ignite Menu is Purpose-built for the Foodservice Industry

Explore flavor, ingredient and menu trends
Predict future menu trends
Test and optimize unlimited concepts
Perform menu gap analysis
Hundreds of ready-to-go reports

Guide your ideation with the latest menu trends

Access thousands of menus in an interactive database to identify gaps and opportunities across commercial and noncommercial menus. This data is updated quarterly and provides two-year predictive models to view operator menu penetration of flavors, dishes and ingredients on a national and regional level.

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Test and optimize unlimited item concepts on the fly

Save time and money on custom research with Ignite Menu Item Optimizer. Test your best product concepts and menu items to get a better understanding of how they will perform on purchase intent, draw, uniqueness and craveablility. A.I. generates recommendations on how to optimize your items to achieve the best performance. With added demographic skews for purchase intent, innovation has never been easier.

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See which types of limited-time offers drive consumer purchases

View and track performance of thousands of publicly rated limited-time offers to see trends and inspire your innovation team. Explore item details, including demographic information, seasonality, regions, willingness to pay and brand fit.

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Explore the latest Canadian menu trends

Access thousands of menus to explore operator menu penetration of flavours, dishes and ingredients. Identify menu gaps and predict growing items with quarterly data updates and two-year predictive models.

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