Menu Concept Development

Use our actionable menu intelligence to surface the best opportunities for your company and kick-start the innovation process.

Menu Concept Development

Identifying trendy ingredients and flavors is just the first step to making buzzworthy additions to your menu. To drive revenue with a menu must-have, it’s essential to evaluate consumer perception and understand how your ideas stack up to in-market offerings.

Technomic’s Concept Testing service provides flexible options for screening limited-time offers and new menu concepts and benchmarking these against national norms. We can deploy surveys on-demand with a structured sample that aligns with our national benchmarking database—allowing you to compare your ideas against in-market items.

Key Elements

  • Evaluate concepts on nine metrics including purchase intent, craveability and draw plus two additional metrics of your choice
  • Nationally representative sample size of 500 foodservice users
  • Qualitative likes and dislikes of each item tested
  • Receive recommendations on concepts to prioritize plus expected performance of each concept with proprietary Technomic concept designations such as Novelty Item and Best in Class

Additional custom menu innovation services

Menu Optimization
Determine how your menu will fare by forecasting the potential sales mix, customer reach and cannibalization with the introduction of new menu concepts. You can also determine potential sales mix and brand assessment with removal of products.

Operator Concept Testing
In addition to testing concepts among consumers, manufacturers and suppliers can test menu concepts among operators on metrics such as operational fit and labor/time efficiencies.

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