Technomic launches Restaurant Operator Trend Reports, exploring operator perspectives

New Technomic product will explore restaurant operator perspectives in easy-to-use reports

CHICAGO, Aug. 30, 2023 —Technomic is launching a brand-new syndicated report series, Restaurant Operator Trend Reports. These new reports will provide insights on operator perspectives, behaviors and attitudes about key topics. The first two reports—set to be released later this year—will feature full-service and limited-service restaurant operator intelligence on purchasing preferences and daypart dynamics.  

“The need to understand operator behaviors and attitudes is critical for manufacturer success, so the Restaurant Operator Trend Reports will be key tools for brand growth,” said Erin Prestinario, director, syndicated products at Technomic. “Not only will these reports come with quantitative and qualitative data, but they are backed with actionable insights from our team of industry experts.”

These new strategic reports will help suppliers better understand opportunities to support operator partnerships, guide selling stories and fuel product innovation for businesses that count restaurant operators as a primary market.

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