Packaged Snacks

Assess the current status and future outlook for the packaged snacks category

Packaged Snacks

The snacking daypart plays an integral role in our daily routines, whether it’s to fight off hunger, combat boredom or substitute a full meal. But one thing is clear—the way consumers think about snacking has evolved, with choices including a wider variety of food and beverages than ever before.

Assess the current status and future outlook for the packaged snacks category with the 2019 Packaged Snacks Multi Client Study. Findings from this study will provide an assessment of opportunities for manufacturers to succeed in the category.

Use this study to:

  • Uncover the past performance of the category by product type and determine what factors have contributed to performance.
  • Identify emerging hot product types and formats that are driving innovation.
  • Understand how to prioritize growth opportunities based on merchandising support, go-to-market initiatives, innovation needs and more.
  • Measure how often, when and where specific products are being consumed and what drives purchase frequency and spending levels.
  • Determine prevailing practices relative to product assortment and selection for both operators and distributors.

Product Scope

Sweet Packaged Snacks
Cookies, Snack/Cereal Bars, Protein bars, Fruit snacks, Baked goods (includes muffins, brownies and snack cakes, but excludes cookies), All other (includes marshmallow treat bars and toaster pastries)

Salty/Savory Packaged Snacks
Potato chips, Pretzels, Tortilla chips, Snack mixes, Popcorn, Trail mix Crackers, Jerky, All other

Format Scope

Shelf-stable only
Large single-serve (larger retail packages not included)

Segment Scope

Limited Service Restaurants

Beyond Restaurants
B&I, Colleges & universities, Healthcare (e.g., hospitals, nursing homes, senior living), K-12, Lodging, Recreation, Vending, Micromarkets/Pantry

Note: Categories excluded from scope include candy, gum, mints, beverages and frozen ice cream novelties

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