Off-Premise Catering

Get an in-depth look into both the B2B and B2C off-premise catering markets, and pinpoint commonalities and differences between these distinct audiences.

Off-Premise Catering

The catering landscape has evolved amid the pandemic, and operators have had to adjust strategies to reflect new market dynamics and consumer behaviors. Uncover how the landscape has changed from pre-pandemic catering norms to anticipated future shifts with The New Dynamics of Off-Premise Catering Multi Client Study.

Study findings will highlight shifts in the market size and operator innovations, as well as insights into changing catering decision-maker need states, preferences and usage of off-premise catering for business and social occasions. Leverage this study to define new opportunities for catering growth now and long term.

Questions you can answer with this study

  • What does recovery look like post-COVID-19? What are the best- and worst-case scenario forecasts for B2B and B2C off-premise catering?
  • What shifts in daypart, occasion, frequency, segment usage and preferred ordering methods have occurred?
  • How have third-party ordering portals and delivery services impacted catering?
  • What changes have occurred in purchasing decisions/drivers for catering?
  • What are current packaging preferences and preferences for sharable vs. individual item formats (e.g., food and beverage options, condiments, utensils, etc.)?


Segment Scope

Quick-service restaurants
Fast-casual restaurants
Full-service restaurants
On-site cafeterias
Independent caterers
Warehouse clubs
Other retailers (i.e., Honey Baked Ham)

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