The Dynamics of Off-Premise Catering

Understand the evolving off-premise catering market 


The off-premise catering business continues to evolve along with shifts in workplace dynamics, lifestyles and the economy. Arm your team with actionable insights and expert guidance to fuel growth in B2B and B2C catering with Technomic’s The Dynamics of Off-Premise Catering Multi Client Study

Study findings will highlight shifts in market size and operator innovations, as well as insights into changing catering decision-maker need states, preferences and usage of off-premise catering for business and social occasions.  

Questions you can answer with this study: 

  1. What is the 2023 total off-premise catering sales by segment?  
  2. What is the forecasted growth of catering sales into 2027? 
  3. What are key drivers and trends that will impact the future of off-premise catering opportunities? 
  4. How are catering decision-maker need states, preferences, decision-making processes and usage of off-premise catering evolving? 
  5. What are preferred ordering methods, catering models and packaging preferences for catering? 

Segment Scope 
Quick-service restaurants 
Fast-casual restaurants 
Full-service restaurants 
On-site cafeterias 
Independent caterers 
Warehouse clubs 
Other retailers (i.e., Honey Baked Ham Co., etc.) 

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