Industry Reports

Business moves fast. Focus on your day-to-day operation while staying on top of the competition with Technomic’s Industry Reports. 

These industry-leading assessments will boost your bottom line by highlighting growth opportunities and spotlighting the best practices of your segment’s most-successful operators. 

For operators, learn what your competitors are up to. For suppliers and manufacturers, mine prospective customers from your segment’s fastest-growing chains.

Industry Reports

Get key insights to develop sales and marketing strategies, identify growth strategies and menu category performance.

Get key insights into the Canadian Restaurant Industry to develop sales and marketing strategies, identify growth strategies and menu category performance.

Identify 200 key restaurant players across the globe with Technomic's 200 Global Restaurant Chains to Know Report.

The United Arab Emirates market is known for adoption of new technology, causing the foodservice landscape there to shift rapidly. Keep track of these changes with Technomic’s 2018 Top 100 United Arab Emirates Chain Restaurant Report.

Saudi Arabia is known to be accepting of chain brands from other countries, but who are the other growth brands and how are they performing? Understand the local chain landscape with Technomic’s 2018 Top 100 Saudi Arabia Chain Restaurant Report.

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