Uncover the latest menu and consumer trends for sandwiches.


Competition has been heating up as consumer behaviors and preferences are shifting, especially with the current climate. Stay on top of these adapting demands and tips for innovation with Technomic’s Sandwich Consumer Trend Report.

Report Benefits:

  • Understand how often and where consumers order sandwiches, as well as ways to encourage more orders
  • Examine drivers for sandwich purchases and attitudes toward pricing, innovation, health and more
  • Fuel menu and product development by identifying consumers’ preferred sandwiches and ingredients
  • Identify what’s next for the sandwich category

Report Features:

Each report comes in PowerPoint format and is accessible on our online Ignite platform. Along with the report, you will receive a one-pager of key themes and trends, the consumer survey and full data set, which is broken out by age, gender, region, income and more.

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