Self-Service Multi Client Study

Self-service has been placed in an extremely vulnerable position due to the coronavirus pandemic. Get the consumer and operator perspectives on health and safety precautions, equipment preferences and long-lasting impacts. 


Self-service was once a boon for some businesses but now faces vulnerability due to the coronavirus pandemic. With safety and health concerns more top of mind and extreme than ever before, businesses without contactless models will be hit harder.

Understand the risks and prepare for the future by sponsoring the Self-Service Outlook Multi Client Study. Our shared-interest model allows sponsors to shape the study, and the findings will support both operators and suppliers in understanding the challenges and opportunities in the self-service segment.

Questions you can answer:

  1. What are the consumer attitudes and behaviors in the wake of COVID-19?
  2. How do operators feel about the expected and potential changes in practices?
  3. What are the risks of key self-service areas and the long-lasting impacts?
  4. Which equipment will be more or less valuable in the eyes of operators and consumers?

Segment Scope

   - Limited-service restaurants
   - Full-service restaurants
   - Beyond Restaurant
Business & industry
   - College & university
   - Convenience stores
   - Healthcare
   - Hotels
   - K-12
   - Recreation

Self-Service Area Scope

We intend to take a wide lens with respect to defining “self-service.” This will include food and beverage categories (and the equipment used for those service areas), as well as payment kiosks and other technology that is considered a “multicontact” platform available to the general public.

   - Buffet style dining/service
   - Roller grills
   - Condiment dispensing station
   - Self-service ordering/payment kiosks
   - Cold beverage dispensing
   - Hot beverage dispensing
   - Self-service bakery cases
   - Disposable dispensing station
   - Self-service dessert (e.g., ice cream, etc.)
   - Tabletop condiments

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