Technomic reveals global opportunities for the pasta menu category 

New report identifies consumer, menu and operator insights related to the pasta category

CHICAGO, April 12, 2024—Technomic released the 2024 Pasta Global Menu Category Report, allowing operators and suppliers alike to leverage deep category insights, from consumer preferences for cheeses, noodle types and toppings to the latest menu trends and operator performance for both global chains and local leaders. 

“The pasta category is currently experiencing a period of growth at foodservice locations in much of the world, rebounding from the pandemic-era operating conditions that impacted casual Italian eateries and other sit-down venues more so than other types of restaurants,” explains Aaron Jourden, director of international research and insights at Technomic. “With away-from-home pasta consumption ticking up, particularly in markets across Latin America and parts of Europe, operators are taking a fresh approach to menu development that balances tradition with innovation, experience with convenience and authenticity with localization.” 

Key findings: 

  • Globally, consumers are purchasing more pastas during away-from-home occasions than they were two years ago 
  • Menu trends influencing new pastas on chain menus include elevated flavors, local relevance and plant-based options 
  • The pasta category is expected to remain on a modest growth track in the coming years, largely influenced by the overall performance of the full-service segment 
  • New product development within pasta will continue to function as a key driver of traffic for both existing and new customers 

The report is a deliverable included in Technomic’s Global Foodservice Navigator program, which provides ongoing tools to keep at the forefront of evolving consumer, menu and operator trends on both a country and global level. 

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