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For more than a decade, Technomic has tracked and compiled robust Consumer Trend Reports across a wide range of foodservice industry-relevant topics, exploring consumer attitudes, behaviors and preferences, as well as key themes and relevant menu research and statistics.

Each PowerPoint report features survey data and expert analysis of more than 1,500 respondents and is accessible on our online Ignite platform. The report also comes with a one-pager of key themes and trends, the consumer survey and full dataset, broken out by age, gender, region, income and more.

Purchase the full reports bundle and get access to eight annual reports along with videos exploring main takeaways and trends related to each topic.   

Consumer Trend Reports help:



Explore consumer consumption behavior, purchasing decisions, attitudes and preferences across beverages 



Uncover the latest consumer and menu trends in breakfast 



Get insights on consumption behavior, purchasing decisions, preferences and menu data related to burgers 


Center of the Plate: Beef & Pork

Discover consumer consumption behaviors, purchases, preferences and menu trends related to beef and pork 


Center of the Plate: Poultry & Seafood

Identify attitudes, purchasing behaviors, preferences and menu trends for seafood, chicken and turkey 


Center of the Plate: Vegetarian & Alternative Proteins

Dive into consumer preferences and consumption of vegetarian, vegan and alternative protein dishes 


Delivery & Takeout 

Understand the opportunities and challenges for off-premise occasions 



Uncover insights on consumer patronage, attitudes and preferences for desserts 


Emerging Channels

Recognize opportunities and challenges shaping eatertainment, food halls and meal kits 



Gain key intel on consumer flavor trials and preferences 


Generational Differences 

Recognize the distinct need states, preferences and expectations across generations 



Inform opportunities in the lunch daypart with consumer intel 


Retail Foodservice 

Understand foodservice retail patronage, purchasing decisions, attitudes and preferences 


Starters, Small Plates & Sides 

Discover consumer preferences, purchase drivers and order frequency for starters, small plates and sides 


The Future of Limited-Service Restaurants

Dive into consumer patronage, purchasing decisions and preferences impacting the future of LSRs 


Value & Pricing

Uncover how consumers calculate the value equation and explore factors that impact consumer price thresholds

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